Proper Etiquette For Dog Friendly Campgrounds

Proper Etiquette For Dog Friendly Campgrounds

The opportunity to be able to take your canine family members with you when you want to get away for some vacation time is the reason why dog friendly campgrounds exist.

dog friendly campgrounds

However, just because your pet is welcomed with open arms, it does not mean that there are not a few rules that need to be followed. Before you start packing up the camping gear ready for the next great family adventure, keep these tips in mind.

Just Because You Love Your Dog Does Not Mean Everyone Else Will

Dog friendly campgrounds does not mean “let your dog roam free campsites!” While you are not expected to tie your dog up the whole time they are in camp, they shouldn’t be allowed to just do anything they want either.

Be considerate of other campers, particularly if your dog is large and boisterous. Happy, playful dogs can easily knock over small children. While you know your pet won’t hurt them, other parents don’t know your dog as well as you do. Find a way to keep your dog close by the family while you are in the campsite so you don’t have to be concerned about the mischief they are getting into.

Scoop Your Dog Poop

Make sure that you pack disposable bags for your dog’s poop when you are packing up to go camping. Leaving dog poop lying around is unsanitary, particularly when kids are playing and are likely to step in it. You wouldn’t leaving it lying around the street or in a park, so don’t leave it lying out in the open at the campsite either. It should be picked up as soon as produced, and thrown into the trash as soon as possible.

Barkers Are Not Loved By Anyone

If your dog is prone to getting a little excited, or barks at the sight of a leaf passing by, a campsite may not be the best place for them to spend their holidays. You don’t like it when neighboring campers play loud music late into the night and disturb your kid’s sleep, so imagine how they are going to feel about your dog barking every five minutes. You are not going to be the popular camping neighbor, and your dog will be getting a few dirty looks shot at it too.

Basic courtesy is key if you are going to take your dog away with you camping. While it is a lovely idea to make sure that the whole family gets to experience time away together, it is only a feasible idea if you know that your dog is going to behave itself. If you know they are going to be disruptive, or potentially hurt other camp goers, do the world a favor and put your canine buddy into a boarding kennel instead.

The last thing you want to experience while away is having to cut short your camping holiday because of dog misadventures. By following these tips, however, everyone will have an enjoyable time away on their holidays.