Camping Stoves For More Comfort At Camp

Camping Stoves For More Comfort At Camp

Using a camping stove when hiking or camping gives you an easier way to have a few of the comforts of home. From fresh eggs to a morning cup of coffee, these little stoves allow for access to the personal comforts of home while not taking up much space.

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Camping stoves come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some use gas, others utilize wood or other materials to produce heat. The choice will usually come down to where you are camping, how long you need to use the stove, how hard it is to carry equipment, and how much you want to “rough it.” All of these factors will determine the usefulness of a particular camp stove design.

For camps where you are taking a car, the full-sized stoves with actual burners are the best options. These units can be a little heavy but they allow for cooking the same way one cooks on a range at home.

Usually these stoves have multiple burners allowing for multiple items to be cooked at once. These are however, not suitable for taking along hiking as these take up a large amount of space and weight.

For hiking, small stoves powered by individual gas cans or that use wood to fuel are usually the best. These usually involve cooking on an open gas burner or a flat metal surface that is highly heated. Most often, only one burner is available so the food choices are a bit more limited as well. These fit well in almost any backpack and are easy to carry.

If you are hunting or fishing, knowing the game that you plan to bring in is extremely important when choosing a stove. Weight, size, manner of preparation, and the desired other ingredients all play into this decision. However, having fresh game is often one of the best parts of a hunting or fishing trip.

You can find these stoves at any hunting, sporting, or outdoor goods store. They are under $100 making them a great piece of gear to add on a budget. The sales representative or reviews will usually give a pretty good indication on the best choices in this regard. When in doubt, never be afraid to ask.

When using camping stoves, it becomes easier to bring food from home, save money, and worry less over possible fires. Choosing the right stove for your needs can also make it easier to enjoy the great outdoors. Just because your are camping doesn’t mean the comforts of home need to be completely forgotten. On the contrary, bringing those comforts along can improve the entire outdoors experience.

Since they are so cheap, these stoves are one of the best additions to any outdoor gear kit for the price point. From warmth to food, they provide an unrivaled level of service in the great outdoors.